Accompaniment in the optimization of the value chain

The value of this mission for companies is to maximize their revenues and minimize their costs. How to maximize revenue? To answer this question, HOD Consulting will provide an almost exhaustive assessment of the needs that companies are meeting as well as the way in which these needs are offered in products or services. In other words, according to the market, is the company concerned positioned on the best development potential? According to the targeted target are the products or services well adapted to the demand? Is the price or prices offered optimal, although they depend on the positioning of the brand concerned (high, middle & low-ends)? Do the products / services conform to the positioning of the brand?

As for the costs, how are they composed? Which are the ones of the production? For services or customer follow-up, does the company have a Customer Relationship Management? What are the different charges? How are they composed (rent, human resources, financial, energy …)?

In short, optimizing the value chain is a win-win process.