Assessment of the skills of the "Generating Demand" function

In companies, the function “Generating Demand” is assimilated to the attackers of a football team. It is she who is destined to serve the clients. Its primary ambition is to satisfy customers through products, prices, their presence, communication, sales and after-sales services. To do this, each of the employees associated with this function has a specific job description as well as temporal objectives (quarterly, half-yearly, annual, etc.) to be achieved. Based on these individual objectives, HOD Consulting’s consultants will conduct a mission based on observation and interviews with each stakeholder, his / her peers, supervisors, subordinates, interdepartmental staff with whom he / she reacts as well as individuals. external customers (customers, suppliers …). These interviews will help :

  • Understand how the organization works and how the organization participates,
  • Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each interviewee in his field,
  • Classify each individual according to the different characteristics (ambitious, open, hardworking, friendly, empathic, innovative, goal-maker …)
  • Define an action plan that will boost everyone’s skills.
  • Propose a reorganization of the company and in the worst case, set up a starting program for some unsuitable.