Assistance with the reengineering of the company

To improve the efficiency of a business, there are at least two essential pathways, one that is based on continuous improvement by making positive changes whenever necessary and one that is characterized by a disruptive method: reengineering . Reengineering consists of a complete overhaul of the organization in its hierarchical structure, the interactions between the various departments, the job descriptions, the manufacturing processes or the commissioning steps, in short all the processes to start from scratch. to make the company more dynamic, more innovative, more efficient and more profitable. In reengineering, it is the listening of the customer and the horizontal dimension of the company which prevails.

With reengineering, Ford has reduced its payroll staff by 75 percent (125 instead of 500); Texas Instruments cut the time needed to develop its disposable camera by half (38 weeks instead of 70). In services, Bell Atlantic has reduced the time to install high capacity telephone lines from thirty days to three. That’s why to improve business performance, HOD Consulting is ready to redesign processes ranging from product / service production, product / service distribution, order processing, supply planning, service management after-sales, purchase planning etc.