How are we going to reach our target? This is the go-to-market that we have to define. Depending on the business in which we are, the means to reach the target may differ. For example, let’s imagine that we sell ordinary body oil and body oil to cure acne. In the case of ordinary body oil, to reach the target, we must find ourselves in the busiest outlets, namely neighborhood shops, supermarkets, shops, service stations, etc. But in the case of a body oil care for acne, we must first be available in beauty salons, pharmacies, via e-commerce for two main reasons. The first is related to the fact that bodily worries often generate complexes and those who do not want to speak in public, the second is the fact that the products used are often premium therefore quite expensive.

In reality, the choice of go-to-market is based on an in-depth analysis of the importance and relevance of the different distribution channels depending on the business in question. For this, knowledge of the market, demand, customers, products and services, distribution keys are a useful prerequisite for success.