Design and development of a five-year business development plan

Thanks to the mastery of economic intelligence or the process of competitive intelligence in particular, our consultants help companies to put together an ideal five-year plan to boost their activities. Indeed, this plan follows the following process :

  • Environmental observations and analyzes, namely the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal context (PESTEL).
  • Competitive intelligence leading to a complete benchmark on products / services, production, prices, distribution, communication, promotions, positioning, human resources, financial capabilities etc. Using this analysis the SWOT is established to know the strengths and weaknesses, (internal elements) the opportunities and threats (external elements) are clearly identified.
  • Goal setting comes right after this analysis.
  • The development of the strategy to achieve the objectives is correctly identified based on these objectives and the SWOT analysis.
  • The selection of tactical actions to follow the path of success, achieving goals.
  • The sequential monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the plan followed by the reinforcement or rehabilitation of actions.