Who Are We ?

HOD Consulting is a strategic and operational consulting firm in Performance Management and Business Development and Organizations. HOD Consulting offers services through training, coaching and tailor-made assistance to its customers.

Our mission is to help our clients improve their performance by being on their side as a development partner through our support in the formulation and deployment of their strategy as well as through our support to strengthen the skills of their human resources. Together, we identify the challenges that need to be overcome and help them seize the best opportunities to improve operating margins and sustainable growth.

HOD Consulting is composed of a multidisciplinary team of professionals, experienced in corporate management in Africa and totally dedicated to achieving the performance of the companies it supports.

Our Vision

To be a sub-Saharan firm of reference in consulting companies operating in Africa with the aim of achieving exceptional performances for a more competitive Africa and actress of its development.


Our Mission

Our mission is to support the companies we work with in the following areas :

Nowadays, companies have a great interest in ensuring that the characteristics and qualities of leadership are revealed in each employee, particularly at the level of management staff. Indeed, it facilitates greater responsibility and has a positive impact on performance.

We help client companies boost their employees’ leadership by making them aware of their potential and opportunities.

Monitoring and coaching both managerial and technical staff periodically proving to be an effective way for their professional development. Indeed, the contribution of external specialists to the company, not involved in the internal politics and the various influence struggles, contributes many times to make the paradigm changes necessary for the development of the company and its adaptation to an environment in perpetual mutations.

The reason of being of a company is to meet the needs of its customers both internal (employees, shareholders, …) and external (consumers, users, …). HOD Consulting puts in place a systemic approach that helps refocus the functions and activities around customer satisfaction in order to improve its loyalty and, by extension, the operating margins. This approach to be effective can only be multidimensional, namely sectoral, technical, relational, communicational, experiential, etc.

In a highly competitive environment, the conquest of customers requires that companies have a clear knowledge of their market in the broad sense of the term, generally soft and hard innovations, products, competitors, distribution channels, prices practiced … to determine with their angle of attack.

Research shows that companies that fail do so for most of the time because of a deficit in the execution of their strategy. But any strategy is deployed using a business plan. That’s why we bring our expertise in advice in setting the action plans.

The world is in perpetual motion and things are changing very fast. Innovations, the growing globalization of markets, the awareness of the need for a methodical and rigorous approach of the market imply that the Marketing and Sales departments are constantly reviewing their approaches to judge their effectiveness.
We support companies in defining their marketing strategy and in their execution. We assist the marketing departments in their brand policy, products, innovations, prices, in the implementation of segmentations and their operational variations, in the optimization of the marketing mix for a better return on investment.
Our specialists guide sales departments in customer targeting methods, the dimensioning of sales forces, their organization, sales support tools, the effectiveness of salespeople’s speech, and the definition of sales incentive systems, setting up dashboards, and implementing multichannel policy.

Maintaining a healthy and vibrant work environment is an everyday challenge for businesses. Thanks to an in-depth analysis of the companies in which we operate, we highlight its dysfunctions, slowness or heaviness, and make recommendations for their relaxation, a guarantee of liveliness and success. These interventions focus on governance, leadership, structures and their modes of operation as well as the development of human resources skills.

In the era of the digital economy, where information is disseminated in real time, the rise of social networks as a vector of exchange and information, companies of the 21st century must adapt to avoid die. Our specialists provide them with the support they need to establish fruitful virtual contacts with their ecosystem (customers, suppliers, employees, investors, etc.). We help our customers to use social networks to maintain contact with customers, enrich blogs, use forums to publicize their brand and products, take advantage of e-mailings to promote their products, know how to place their banners for they have a better impact and build an interactive Web site.

Our Values

Our values are based on three fundamental principles :

We are aware that no position is definitively acquired. It is by keeping a cool head that we remain open to all eventualities and able to find the best for sustainable growth.

Without organization or structure, we navigate chaos. The importance of an optimal organization, adapted to the sector and to the environment in which a company evolves is paramount for its success. That’s why we strive as much as we can to calibrate the organization according to its challenges.

Nothing big in life is done without passion. It’s the passion for success, for a positive contribution within society that drives us.

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A group of experts with proven reputation in business consulting, coaching / support and leadership stimulation

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Professional Training

Our courses are adapted to the pressing challenges that are imposed on companies. Also, we offer several trainings in the following areas :

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