Knowing your customers is a prerequisite for the success of your business. It turns out that every product or service has a specific target. In all cases, there is the Pareto law that applies that is to say the 20% of customers who make 80% of the turnover. Therefore, what is the portrait of these 20/80? This is the question that an ambitious enterprise must ask itself. For example, in the context of Brazilian wicks sold in Africa today, one could clearly ask the question of who uses them? Studies done today show us that urban women aged 20 to 35, middle and upper classes are heavy users.

Why do they use them? What does it give them? How do they use them? are also questions that should be answered. These are all answers that will provide a reliable picture of the clientele of Brazilian locks.

That’s why HOD Consulting proposes to help you define the portrait of your typical clientele.