Leadership & Coaching

Test of evaluation of the spontaneous individual capacities of the collaborators with the exit of the recommendations and a customized action plan for the improvement of the capacities :

  • Identify personality traits
  • Detect the preferred meanings
  • Which hemisphere do you use the most? Hemisphere left or right?
  • Know yourself better to perform better.

How to boost your leadership to achieve a global level of exceptional performance ?

  • What are the characteristics of a good leader?
  • What corporate structure for better leadership?
  • What to do to make you want to be followed?
  • Proximity coaching and team motivation.
  • Support your teams to get their membership.

Improve your presentation skills in public (in meetings or in public)

  • Prepare your presentation or argument.
  • Know your audience
  • Make a plan to manage your speaking time.
  • Communicate simply using the terms known to all
  • State the topics to be addressed.
  • Develop your themes using parables.
  • Encourage listeners to ask questions at the end
  • Conclude brilliantly

How to coach your teams to achieve a high level of performance ?

  • Analyze and diagnose the situation of the company, teams and individuals.
  • Define an action plan.
  • Develop skills to increase the productivity and motivation of staff.
  • Give corrective and regular feedback to better guide his team.
  • Motivate the teams.
  • Control the progress of activities