Project Management :

  • Master the techniques of editing and project management.
  • Conduct projects with customer satisfaction in mind as well as organizational, financial, human and other constraints.
  • Integrate change management into the process of ownership of projects by all stakeholders.
  • Evaluate the performances of the projects.

Conduct of meetings

  • Set in advance the objective (s) of the meeting and communicate on it.
  • Set the rules for making the meeting effective.
  • State the subject of the meeting and open the debate by staying focused on these objectives.
  • Report on the meeting    
  • Follow the commitments made at the meeting

Time management and priorities

  • Detect habits and time-consuming behaviors.
  • Select your priorities / objectives, those having impact and bringing added value.
  • Know how to anticipate, plan and avoid procrastination. To succeed, it is good to know where you are going.
  • Delegate to focus on what has impact. There are time-consuming tasks that, while important, do not have much impact in achieving your goals or can be done by anyone other than yourself.
  • To know how to choose and to say no.

Change management

  • Identify the levers and the brakes to change, anticipate resistance.
  • How to get the group membership.
  • Communicate about change.
  • Set up performance indicators.
  • Provide training.
  • Recognize and reward adaptability.
  • Make an impact study and support.

Team Management (remote or on site)

  • We are not born Manager, we become it
  • Do not confuse project management with men management.
  • To be able to communicate and listen to others.
  • Know the members of his team
  • Know how to manage conflicts.
  • Be humble, leave your mind and your door open.
  • Motivate your team

Performance Management.

  • How to set SMART goals, performance indicators.
  • To be able to communicate and listen to others.
  • Develop skills to increase the productivity and motivation of staff.
  • Give corrective and regular feedback to better guide his team.
  • Conducting evaluation interviews.
  • La conduite des entretiens d’évaluation.

Development and standardization of PowerPoint tools (templates) for the development of your operational and / or strategic plans.

  • Set up templates adapted to the sector and the company.
  • Design tracking chart boards.
  • Normalize the most recurring processes and tasks.