The first exercise to validate when you are in business or when you want to start a business is to know the potential of the target market. Indeed, what is the targeted target? What is the level of market demand? What are the most anticipated criteria for potential customers? etc.

For this, several solutions are available to businesses. One of the most simple and effective is to start testing with a niche of potential customers with whom all predefined criteria will be evaluated. This phase should be supported by qualitative studies that will improve the subjective and emotional side of the products or services to be delivered. This, in many cases, leads the company to discover better opportunities that are more in line with the expected demand. The need for a quantitative study to collect reliable statistics is also desirable because it is thanks to these measures that the market potential is sharply defined.

HOD Consulting, in view of the extensive experience of its consultants, has the necessary expertise to assist you in the evaluation as well as the capture of your potential in business.