Sales techniques

  • Define the prospection.
  • Organize the sales tour.
  • Prepare the visits.
  • Design customer tracking documents.    
  • To prepare materially and psychologically.    
  • Make an appointment and overcome obstacles.    
  • Introduce yourself and your company    
  • Make contact and welcome the customer    
  • Know how to ask the right questions.    
  • Discover the needs and motivations of the client, use the SONCAS method.
  • Use the sales pitch.    
  • Reply to objections.
  • Detect buying signals
  • Conclude the sale.    
  • Recovery.

The development of the sales force.

  • Identify gaps of skills to fill.    
  • Select appropriate formations or field accompaniments.    
  • Evaluate the remuneration system and the motivation levers.    
  • Reconsider territorial objectives and divisions.

Trade marketing

  • Know the different sales channels and their specificities.
  • Understand the behavior of buyers / consumers to gain more attention and action.
  • Seize opportunities for outdoor and in-shop communication to mark out shopping paths.
  • Referencing products / formats according to channels and categories of outlets.
  • Set up the appropriate merchandising and promotion programs.

Trading techniques

  • Preparation, prior to negotiation. Know the customer, his motivations, his brakes, the market, the multiple choices with advantages and disadvantages, the circuits of decision of the company …
  • Use questioning techniques to discover the client’s motivations.
  • Know how to treat objections.
  • Limit counterparties to defend your margins.
  • Get favorable concessions.
  • Conclude the negotiation in a win-win spirit.

Definition and implementation of a distribution strategy or Route-to-Market adapted to the environment

  • Which distribution strategy is adopted: intensive, selective or exclusive?
  • Ensure the control of the logistics of the products.
  • Animate the distribution channels.
  • Categorize the outlets to better address them.
  • Referencing products / formats according to channels and categories of outlets.
  • Set up an incentive policy (distribution of distribution margins) to remunerate key stakeholders.

Management of commercial incentives.

  • Set SMART goals
  • Detect the essential levers of motivation of your teams.
  • Analyze your teams under the MASLOW Pyramid prism and select the motivational elements at all levels.
  • How to split wages into fixed and variable portions (commission and bonuses on objectives)
  • Include collective goals to create team cohesion.