Definition of plan of conquest or reconquest of market shares in the face of competition through the development of a global and personalized strategic plan.
Review of the most relevant strategic analysis tools :

  • Porter Model, Threats of Substitute Products, New Entrant Threats, Intensity of Competition, Client Negotiation Power, Suppliers' Bargaining Power.
  • Analysis of the value chain, how is value created? What are the points of differentiation as well as the sources of the costs and how to optimize the whole for the benefit of an improvement of the competitive position of the company as well as its financial health.
  • The use of the Bonston Consulting Group matrix around 4 quadrants, cash cows, stars, dead weight and dilemmas.
  • The use of the Arthur D Little model.

Supporting the development of the most appropriate strategy according to the context and the financial, organizational and human resources of the company
Definition and implementation of a market attack strategy or <>
  • Which distribution strategy is adopted: intensive, selective or exclusive?
  • Ensure the control of the logistics of the products.
  • Animate distribution channels.
  • Categorize outlets to better address them.
  • Refer products / formats according to channels and categories of outlets.
  • Implement an incentive policy (distribution of distribution margins) to compensate key stakeholders.