Team building

Diagnosis of the vitality as well as the cohesion of the internal ecosystem.

  • Observation of employees in their work environment to detect the power plays within the company, the official and unofficial communication circuits, the leaders, the followers, the waiters, the atmosphere and the work climate …
  • Interviews with a few employees of all levels on the life of the company as well as their perceptions of the market and the company.    
  • Questionnaires for assessing the business climate.

Proposals for group cohesion methods based on the sport / military / expedition analogy.

  • Set common, ambitious and realistic goals.
  •  Set common rules for the entire team.
  • Describe precisely the individual and collective tasks to be accomplished and ensure that the team has the required skills.
  • Accompany the team in their missions with advice, training …
  • Transform difficulties / obstacles into opportunities for progress.
  • Regularly reward good practices and small advances.
  • Periodically & objectively review the situation and skills.    
  • Ensure the positive state of mind of the entire team to work in harmony and good humor.

Role Play Game.

  • Have empathy, put yourself in the other’s shoes.
  • Learn to recognize the challenges and obstacles in a fictional or virtual environment to learn lessons applicable in business.
  • Case studies
  • Video Decryption